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Communication / Brand Strategy

1 hour | Free 

A complimentary consultation to explore how I can enhance your brand's or thought leadership's storytelling, content creation, as well as academic and non-academic research and reporting.

Quick Clairvoyant Reading

30 min | $77

A mixture of channelling and using tarot to answer a few questions or look at one or two of your life's themes. 

Corporate Yoga Class

1 hour | Online / In-Person | $125

A personalized class for your employees to bring a bit of wellness to their daily routine.

Clairvoyant Reading

1 hour | $111

A mixture of channelling and using tarot to answer any questions and focus on your major life themes. 

1-to-1 Yoga Session

1 hour | $25

A personalized session combining asana, meditation, and breathwork that supports your alignment, inner healing, and overall practice. 

Corporate Meditation Session

30 min | Online / In-Person | $65

A personalized meditation session for your employees to bring a bit of mindfulness and calmness to their daily routine.

12-month Clairvoyant Reading

1.5 hours | $177

A mixture of channelling and tarot focusing on major themes, questions and a detailed look at the next 12-months ahead. 

1-to-1 Yoga Container

1 hour | 4 sessions over 4 weeks | $100

A personalized program that focuses on alignment, chakra opening, meditation, and increased flexibility to improve your overall practice and inner healing.

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