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Hey There

I am Ashley Langham. I have a blended background as a compliance professional, published writer, entrepreneur, clairvoyant, yoga and meditation teacher. 

My work has been shaped by my commitment to my values of: fairness, justice, inclusivity, authenticity, and integrity.


I have had the pleasure to work across diverse industries with brands, businesses, thought leaders, individuals and high achieving entrepreneurs in five countries: Australia, US, UK, France, and Mexico.

My professional experience has equipped me with the experience and expertise to reshape and maintain strong organizational frameworks, deliver impactful solutions through compelling communication, sophisticated problem solving, and strategic thinking creatively and analytically.

Through my personal journey, I've had the chance to travel to over 25 countries and counting, and commit to a lifelong process of reinvention, healing, and spiritual growth, uncovering my contributions to harmful systems of oppression and learning how to dismantle them on my individual path to liberation. 


Weaving my personal and professional experiences together propels me to continue to leverage my expertise in order to empower businesses and individuals in building robust frameworks, whether organizational or personal, with a focus on reducing harm, crafting solutions with higher levels of consciousness, and considering serving broader, more inclusive audiences 

The key themes of my work encompass safety, non-harm, liberation, and the deconstruction and decolonization of traditional systems of oppression, all aimed at fostering more universal acceptance and healing.

How can you engage with me?

Communication, Strategic Thinking, and Brand Development

With four years of experience working with diverse brands, offering impactful solutions for complex problems. My expertise includes developing compelling brand stories, strategizing effective audience engagement, and creatively overseeing projects. I excel in research and navigating complex subject matter.

Yoga & Meditation 

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Clairvoyance Readings

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Communication & Brand Strategy 

I offer extensive experience in strategic planning and crafting compelling communication across academic, corporate, and creative contexts. With a legal common law background, I've spent five years specializing in compliance and operational risk, adept at translating intricate legal and regulatory information into comprehensive reporting, training materials, policies, and procedures. My creative expertise extends to designing effective communication models and brand storytelling across various digital channels, such as social media, email marketing, blogs, and website development, ensuring meaningful engagement with key stakeholders and audiences.


Clairvoyant Readings

Having devoted years to excavating my own unconscious shadow work, I enhanced my clairvoyance to provide practical and honest guidance on the journey to liberation. My insights, drawn from higher levels of consciousness, aim to assist individuals in navigating their lives more aligned and empowered with detailed advice. I underscore that my readings serve as a "resource, not the source," to your life—meaning they don't replace your beliefs, actions, thoughts, or mindset. You always have a choice to combat the upcoming energies with actions that honor your highest and greatest good. 

Yoga & Meditation

With over 10 years of yoga practice and four years as a teacher, I integrate asana (postures) dharana (meditation), and pranayama (breathwork) to foster unity of the mind, body, and soul. My approach draws from traditional yoga, created over 5,000 years ago in India, to support individuals to go deeper within themselves to develop more wholeness and oneness. Specializing in vinyasa, hatha, power, and yin yoga, I prioritize body alignment, improving strength,  and chakra-opening practices. My meditation work focuses on grounding, breathwork, and mindfulness.

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