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Hey There

Are you looking for a writer with a specific set of values that include: creativity, impact, inclusion, entrepreneurship, and collaboration; that can write across industries and cultures?

You've found her! 

I am Ashley Langham. I have a diverse background that spans across:  law, banking, program management, and holistic wellness. I have been creating content / copy for startups in the U.S. and Europe. I  create engaging, well thought out content / copy that engages the hearts, as well as the minds of customers for startups. 

I've written for diverse industries, most notably: fitness, health, wellness, tech (AI, E-Commerce, and SaaS), Real Estate, DEI consulting, VCs, NGOs, Social Startups, and Accelerators. 


My Ethos

My ethos is to ensure that not only is my writing engaging to the audience it's intended to be clear, concise, and inform key stakeholders to make the most aligned decisions for themselves while maintaining a brand's original story, values, and mission.  

Coming from a compliance and operational risk background, my greatest asset is that I can take complicated and often taxing subject matter and make it comprehensible and interesting. That is why I write for all industries. I'm adaptable, creative, and connect with a diverse group of people. 

About Me


I'm published on Wanderful ,
I co-host a podcast, and
I am a wellness practitioner.

Honorable Mentions

Pauline Miqueu-Petit, Pauline MPQ Art Director 

Ashley helped me a number of times translating entire websites from French to English. I really appreciate the way that she can adapt any subject to be alluring to a brand's ideal customer with sensitivity and conciseness.

Rob Napoli, Hapday Co-Founder & Principal

Ashley is a creative content writer that blends technical writing with creativity that will illicit emotion, provoke thought, educate, and drive engagement with your product/brand. She creates well rounded social media strategies that align with the content she creates to drive ideal engagement and action.

Fatou Ndiaye, The Great Village Co-Founder

Ashley is an absolute delight to work with. She is a very talented writer who was able to take our vision of The Great Village and formulate it clearly, articulating our brand and mission with soul and empathy. She is also quick and efficient in doing the work.

Julia Daka, Sadaka Founder

Ashley is highly emotionally intelligent when it comes to her writing. She is always brainstorming and coming up with new and fresh ideas for the brand.

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